Partner (SP) Terms & Conditions

Service Policy

SP are not allowed to conduct any job without authorization from Serv.

Serv will supply parts for basic package. SP are allowed to buy their own parts and lubricants supply (if Serv not able to provide the parts) however it must follow Serv Price Guide and must be authorized by Serv. Higher cost on the parts and lubricants would affect the labour charge and not on Serv

SP shall be responsible and hold liabilities for the acts and any services provided to the customer.

Job Cancellation

1. Cancellation of job need to be made within 5 minutes upon accepting it. However, this may increase your SP Rate of Cancellation (RC). You will receive a warning if your RC is high. Three (3) warnings may result in being blacklisted from SP list.

2. Failing to cancel beforehand and do not show up during the appointment will be recorded as a “No Show” for Serv. “No Show” may result in being blacklisted from SP list. Please to check your schedule carefully before making any accepting any booking in order to avoid multiple appointment cancellations.We understand that there are certain situations that require you to cancel a booking such as:

  • Customer does not show up and cannot be contacted.
  • You are unable to attend customer booking within reasonable time (e.g., stuck in traffic for too long).

However, we encourage you to inform the customer your reason for cancelling before doing so. Please inform Serv as well regarding the issues.


1. Serv will collect a deposit of RM250 upon registration of SP. The deposits stand for:

  • RM 180 will be hold as deposit for the parts. Balance payment of the parts would be deducted from each job SP received.
  • Credit wallet of RM70 as the minimum credit wallet for SP to accept a job is RM70.
  • 2. In a situation where customer used cash as the method of payment, Serv will deduct the Serv Portion from SP credit wallet.

    3. In a situation where customer used online transfer as the method of payment, the transfer will be made to Serv account. Once the payment was processed by Serv, SP portion of the payment will be transferred into SP Cash Wallet.

    4. SP Cash Wallet will be processed on a Weekly Basis. Thus, all the balance in the Cash Wallet on Sunday 2359hrs will be transferred into SP bank account by Tuesday 2359hrs of the following week.

    5. Any problem regarding the car service raised during the warranty period (3 days) would be under SP responsibility. SP need to fix the problems and during the warranty period, the payment will be put on hold. In a situation where another SP attend the problem, the payment would be received by the following SP.


    Any SP that received more than three (3) negative feedbacks will be suspended from being a SP. Serv will conduct an investigation on the respective SP and this may result in being blacklisted from SP list.


    You should hold in private of all data and information identifying with the Serv, its administrations, items, business undertakings, showcasing and advancement designs or different operations and its related organizations which are revealed to you by or for the benefit of the Company (regardless of whether orally or in composing and whether some time recently, on or after the date of this Agreement) or which are generally specifically or indirectly obtained by you from the Company, or any of its subsidiary organizations, or made over the span of this Agreement.

    Contact Us

    If you have any other questions or issues, please contact us at 018-2108110.

    Amendments of the Serv Partner (SP) Terms & Conditions

    Serv has the authority to update these Serv Partner Terms and Conditions at any time and any amendments may be made without notice to you. We recommend you always be updated with this Serv Partner Terms and Conditions. By proceeding to access or utilize Our Services after those corrections or changes become effective, you agree to be bound by the revised terms. In the event that you don't consent to the new Serv Partner Terms and Conditions, you may stop using the Website and/or Our Services.

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    SERV Partner Terms & Conditions was updated on January 15, 2018.